Welcome on web sites of our dog kennel TSUNA NO OGAWA (Rope stream) of japanee dogs Akita Inu. We met with akitas at one challet, but the main meeting with Akitas was in year 2010, when we decided for breeding this breed. We found Akita kennel Ichimei of Mrs. Věra Smolíková in the world of internet and book there our first puppy of akita inu. It was born in June 2011 and we could bring it home in August - it was Asami, she grow up to lady with a big L. As we love this breed, we decided to to established kennel TSUNA NO OGAWA - by the stream which runs behind our home. We buy a friend for Asami in the spring of year 2012, his name is Niro and he is from kennel Halne Wzgórze Mrs. Jolanta Talaga from Poland. We received confirmation of the kennel from FCI from Belgium and we are officialy in kennel list from June 2012. We bring a next puppy from the summer visit of Halne Wzgórze in 2013 - bitch Ningo, called Nina at home. We decided, after long considering pros and cons, to welcome in our pack new boy - Niji Iro No Ryú, with pure japanese bloodline. He arrived to our house from Russia, from kennel Mrs. Inga Sinditskaya called Akari Angeland.

Aim of our akita kennel is to create breeding pair and make our best for this breed. All of our dogs aren´t just dog´s in our home but, they are our friends, for which we have big garden, walks in the nature, trips, but also in the quality of food, which are based on meat, superpremium granules and vitamins, but there are some treats and goodies.