1.8.2015 - Special Dog Show Prerov

First day of August, it should be noted that was a very hot day, we took part in this year's special show for the breed Akita Inu, this time held at the show in Prerov. As the first Akitas to introduce was our Ryo and the first time in puppy class he got Very promising 1 assessment, in the middle class females it gave away Asuka and Aimi females from our litter "A" when Aimi defeated Asuka. Finally, in the winner class showed Asami, who won Excellent 2, res. CAC. After the show was followed by breeding inspection, when we proudly announce that the two aforementioned females from litter "A" were inspectioned and following submission of necessity become breeding and may have puppies. The exhibition is evaluated as successful, so we thank the organizers and we look forward to a similar event in Moravia next year.

6.7.2015 - Regional Dog Show Kelc

This time we took part in the first show in Kelc ever. Ryo won the best puppy of all puppies. One of the best shows we've ever been. Nice atmosphere, a tombola, regional food .... yummmy, amazing prices - food for dogs, roundels, diplomas, cups .... well we just took a suitcase full Kelc. Thank you for the lovely assessment to Mrs. Frncova in the class and Mr. Havelka valuation for the final competitions, which we highly appreciate.

28.6.2015 - International Dog Show Intercanis Brno

Today we visited the CACIB show in Brno, where we had entered two dogs. Ryo got from Mrs. Jadranka Very promising 1 and Asami did not participate in the show (due to she is in the season and she is totally hairless).

13.6.2015 - Regional Dog Show Zlin

Ryo has passed his first show - Regional Dog Show Zlin, where he acted absolutely amazing, as he is in a circle from birth, thank you Mr. Leos Jancik for assessment and evaluation Very promising 1.

23.4.2015 - Akari Angeland Niji Iro No Ryú

Tonight, with one day advance, expanded our kennel by dog Akari Angeland Niji Iro No Ryu. Thank you, Inga Sinditskaya, for the lovely boy.

25.2.2015 - Puppies - Litter C

We are pleased to announce that our Asami is mother for the second time, this time we have 4 beads - 3 males and one female.

24.-25.01.2015 - Puppies - Litter B

From Saturday evening to Sunday noon, our Ninuska decided to give birth. The world so we can welcome 3 new Akita boys.

23.01.2015 - Confirmation of pregnancy Asami

After checking with the doctor, we can announce that the confirmed pregnancy of our Asami Ichi Go Ichimei dog Niro Halne Wzgórze. February 28, 2015, we expect puppies and both parents can be seen with us.

27.12.2014 - Dog walk Staré Hamry

We have a mens day today, we went in the composition Niro, small Jenik and big Jan toward Stare Hamry. After literally climbing on Grun we went with the rest of the pack, which met at the Svarna Hanka. Thank you for the invitation, beautiful weather with a view to the Tatras and everyone involved for the company.

27.12.2014 - Mating Asami Ichi Go Ichimei

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday, December 27, 2014 we mated our Asami Ichi Go Ichimei, and our dog Niro Halne Wzgórze. We expect puppies at the end of February.

29.-30.11.2014 - Duo CACIB Nitra 2014

This exhibition we attended with Asami, who is missing one CAC to become Slovak Grand Champion, but due to moulting we did not achieve success. What she of course very pleased with the first success of our breeding on the international scene, Asuka Go Tsuna No Ogawa was excellent 1 and her first CAJC on Sunday. Congratulations to Lenka and Vita and thank you for your presentation. Thanks also to all with whom we could meet again.

28.11.2014 - Mating Ningo Halne Wzgórze

We are pleased to announce that on Friday, November 28, 2014 we mated our Ningo Halne Wzgórze, by 2014 European Dog Show Class Winner Takehiko Kazoku Kanshin. We expect puppies at the end of January.

23.-25.10.2014 - EUROPEAN DOG SHOW BRNO 2014

In our opinion, we have successfully participated in the European Dog Show and other related exhibitions (national and special) in Brno, where we exhibited just Asami, Niro and Nina make us accompaniment. We are in the champion class got to the imaginary "crate" on Thursday at the "Europe" and we ended fourths. We took one step further, a third place in the champion class again at the National Exhibition on Friday and finally on a special show we finished first in champion class, with titles Specialty Show Winner and topped the title of BOS on Saturday. We thanks everyone which we met for a nice dog weekend and a special thank is to Maruška for accomodation.

26.-27.09.2014 - AKITA CUP POLAND 2014

Our first participation on the show like this - one from the most prestigious show for Akita in Europe. Amazing experience, we recomend it to everyone, friendly atmosphere, wonderful Akitas in number of which you do not even dream. We have entered Ningo and Asami from our kennel. Ningo had not progressed shortlisted in competition of 22 females in Souken Class and Asami, she remained just below the "crate", ie. on the 5th place in the competition of 10 females in the Seiken B Class.

13.-14.09.2014 - Duo Show Lucenec

First visit of town Lucenec in Slovakia where the two shows are held. First day was advertisement for rainy day and mud in ring was up to ankles. The weather, the conditions in rings and at the end performance of judge on Saturday casts very bad lights for this show. The weather were much more better on Sunday and we were at the end satisfied with the results from weekend.

20.08.-02.09.2014 - Show Vacation 2014

This year vacation is in sign of Balkans Shows. We started in Posusje in Bosnia and Hercegovina on 23.8.2014 by CACIB shhow: Niro Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB; Ningo - Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB and Asami - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. National Dog Show is held in the afternoon: Niro - Excellent 1, CAC; Ningo - Excellent 1, CAC, BOB and Asami - Excellent 1, CAC. Just few minutes before final competitions starts heavy rain, so the final competitions are postponed for next day morning. Niro, Ningo and Asami gets title Champion of Beauty of Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina. V závěrečných soutežích jsme nakonec překvapeni a Ningo vyhrává V. skupinu a získává BOG I.. Ihned poté začíná druhá CACIB výstava v Posušje, kde jsme se umístili následovně - Niro - V1, CAC, CACIB; Ningo - V1, CAC, res. CACIB a Asami - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. Druhá série výstav ná čeká o pár dní později v Makedonském Ohridu - 28.8.2014 - CACIB - Niro - V1, CAC, CACIB; Ningo - V1, CAC, res. CACIB a Asami - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. Druhá výstava CACIB na Ohridu se koná 30.8.2014, kdy Niro - V1, CAC, CACIB; Ningo - V1, CAC, res. CACIB a Asami - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB a BOG III.. Poslední výstava z našeho turné se koná 31.8.2014 opět v Ohridu, kdy Niro - V1, CAC, CACIB; Ningo - V1, CAC, res. CACIB a Asami - V1, CAC, CACIB a BOB. Za zpříjemnění chvil i vystavování děkujeme zejména Evičce a maminkou a beaglíky, Kamilovi s Alešem a jejich yorkšíry a Bronce s rodiči a jejich irskými setry.

16.-17.08.2014 - DuoDanube Bratislava

We makes double CACIB show in Bratislava for the first time. We are invited by cloud-burst when we the arriving on Friday. Niro and Aasmi are signed for the show this time. Saturday's show: Niro - Excellent 1 and Asami - Excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB. Sunday's show: Niro - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and Asami - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS.

09.08.2014 - Regional Dog Show Krajne - Mayor's Cup

This show we participate just with Niro. He gets Excellent 1, Class Winner and Regional Winner. The second half of the day we use for visiting famous Cachticky Castle. Simply - nice summer day.

05.07.2014 - Club Dog Show AICC Krivonoska (Hluboka nad Vltavou)

We have just one purpose at this show - to finish breeding inspections for Ningo and Niro (to deliver HDD results and give last missing stamp). We passed in all levels - Niro and Ningo finished inspections and they should have puppies with pedigree now and as an extra Asami received Club Beauty Champion (AICC) Title. Many thanks to Verka and Lukas for personal and transport help. We congratulate to Kaori for today's show success.

22.06.2014 - International Dog Show Intercanis Brno

We decided to show just our oldest one - Asami at this show. She was not happy at the exhibition hall in Brno and she was in Champion class third - Excellent 3.

17.06.2014 - HDD Tests

We are going to Ostrava, to DVM clinic for Hips displazia tests for Niro and Ningo. Resluts are encouraging -Niro A/A = 0/0 and Ningo - B/A = 1/0. We want to thanks to Lukas and Verka for a kind words (and to Romanov) ;-).

29.05.-01.06.2014 - Slovak Trio Shows

The most awaited show weekend from year is here - three days in Slovakia. We started on Thursday and camp by the Sunny lakes with friends. On Friday was National Dog Show judged by Mr. Havelka: Niro - Very Good 1, Ningo - Excellent 4 and Asami - Excellent 2, res. CAC plus Asami in Breeders group, which did not advanced. On Saturday in Nitra was Grand Prix Slovakia 2014 judged by Mrs.Dagmar Klein from Romania: Niro - Excellent 2 and Asami - Excellent 2, res. CAC and Asami in Breeders group, which did not advanced. On Sunday any of our dogs did not want to be showing after a night storm on Derby Winner Show 2014, but even that, they were appreciate by Mrs. Fintorova: Niro - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and CRUFTS qualification for year 2015, Ningo - Excellent 2 and Asami - Excellent 3.

19.04.2014 - Club Dog Show AICC - Praha-Branik

We started our way to Club Dog Show in Prague one day earlier. As overnight place we choose small town called Sazava with their well known monastery. We should recommend pesnion Koralek in that place. On this show was entered 55 akitas. We were happy, that we could met a lot of people froms still growing family of Akita Inu. Our dogs have these results: Niro - Very Good from 11 dogs in Open Class (he fullfilled show conditions to be a stud dog in AICC), Ningo - Excellent 4 from 7 females in Intermediate Class (she fullfilled show conditions to be a stud dog in AICC) and Asami wins Open Class (1st from 6 females) and became Club Winner. Niro passed breeding inspection after judging and he could have puppies now.

13.04.2014 - National Dog Show Ostrava

We visited national show in Ostrava today, where our girls were the part of show. Weplanned to meet a lot of people from akita world and all other. The main thing for us on this show was introducing our offspring at the show. By this way we want to thanks to Lenka and Vita for nice presentation of Asuka. Judge Mrs. Frncova assess Ningo as Excellent 4, Asami Excellent 2, res. CAC and not to forgot for Asuka, who gets Very Promising 2. We want to thanks to all for nice meeting.

12.04.2014 - Club Show KCHSJP Slovakia

We visit next show at our favourite Slovakia, this time in Mosovce - it was club show of Slovakias Club of North and Japanese Breeds. The weather was good and help to make very pleasant atmosphere. Our dogs was not succesfull in effort to be part of final competitions, but we are satisfied with results - Niro - Very Good 1, Ningo - Excellent 2 and Asami - Excellent 2, Res. CAC.

29.-30.03.2014 - DUO CACIB Nitra

This spring weekend (rather summer by the weather) we goes to tow days show in Slovakia. We were surprised by judging Mrs. Britt from Sweden on the first day. Mrs. Volarikova From Slovakia judged second day and Niro gets his first CAC among adults and Asami runs CAC and Reserve CACIB. By this show she fullfilled conditions and she is now CHAMPION OF BEAUTY OF SLOVAKIA. We thanks for lovely accompaniment during shows to Vera, Lukas, Lenka and Pavel, including with their packs.

18.01.2014 - Winter Dog Show Trencin

The smallest from our pack - Nina, has show premiere at international show. We send many thanks for nice assessment to judge Mrs. Ridarcikova from Slovakia. Ningo gets Excellent. For support we thanks for nice fellowship to Vera and Lukas.

02.01.2014 - Puppies in new homes

We say bye to our girls, which travelled to their new homes today. We are happy that they are not far away from our home, they stay in Moravia and we are happy, that we should meet them sometimes.

09.11.2013 - Puppies

We proudly announced, that two nice bead - girls was born today.

03.10.2013 - Sonogram

We visited our veterinarian on 3rd October 2013 and on sonogram was visible minimally 4 puppies.

26.09. - 29.09.2013 - Holiday in Czech-Saxon Switzerland

We spend this year holiday with our dogs in beautiful landscape of Czech-Saxon Switzerland. Accomodation we have in romantical ruins of castle Tolštejn, where they have an excellent kitchen, we remember esp. for svíčková sauce. We visited Kutná Hora (UNESCO) with temple of saint Barbora and ossuary in Sedlec, northern town in Czech republic Šluknov during the travelling. We have short trip to the german part of this National Park with stop in town Bad Shandau on the river Elbe banks. Than we have stops in gorges around Hřensko, basalt organ in Panská skála. Beautiful was hiking trip from village Brtníky, esp. their settlement Kopec, through sandstone gorges in area of Labské pískovce and over the smugglers castle Brtnický hrádek. We visit the mount Ještěd with their transmitter and centrum of city Liberec on the last day.

21.09.2013 - Regional show Buchlovice

We want to have this show as a start for our little Nina, to know about what to do in shows. We take her friend Niro with her, to not to be alone in such new situations. Classifications was very pleasant in very magnificent gardens and its surroundings of Buchlovice chateau. Only one thing with which we were unsatisfied is organization this show.

03.-04.08.2013 - Family ICHIMEI Walk

It was prolong weekend with family of our Asami and other people who loves dogs in area full of sandstone rocks in Czech Paradise (Český Ráj). We thanks not only to dad Koutaru, his second wife Maiko, brothers Akio, Akimiro, half-siblings sisters Suri, Binasu Akiko and half-siblling brother Yoshio, another akitas Elza and other dogs Bak and Rexa and all their owners. We have walking, bathing, speaking, collecting new experiences and grilling during the stay.

07.07.2013 - Ningo Halne Wzgórze

We take a red bitch Ningo Halne Wzgórze from the visit Mrs. Jolanta today. She is a little devil, but she will be part of our pack.

31.05. - 02.06.2013 - Slovak Trio Shows

We decided to be part of 3 shows in Slovakia this year. We were a little bit feared from the weather, but it was nice at the end and how it will the smaller member of our pack - our son Honzik take all that. The first show was in Senec on 31st May and the judge for this show was Mr. Jaroslav Matyas, very kind and pleasant gentleman, from which Asami gets their first CAC award. We moved to Nitra for the shows on Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Vladimir Piskay was judging on the first day there. Nice and big circles and very pleasant judging - Niro gets his first CAJC award and Asami was amazing - she gets CAC, CACIB and BOB awards. Polish judge Mr. Grzegorz Weron were in circles on Sunday, Niro gets Excellent 1 and Asami gets CAC and CACIB awards. We thanks Vera and Lukas with their Akitas, aunt Anna, who makes nanny for ou son and uncle Michal, who were photographer on this shows for their accompaniment.

27.04.2013 Regional Dog Show - Detrichov u Svitav

This was regional show and Club show (KCHMPP, o.s.) in one. All was in nice area of camp near town Svitavy. The weather forecast promised rain almost all day, but eventually it was sunshine in the afternoon. A lot of akitas were there, so there was a lot of oportunities for see other ones and speak with them. Thw show itself had a really big circles with kind people. We had in this show Asami, she is Regional winner and Niro.

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